Stop Taking Ayur 69 Pills! It’s a Scam!

You must be wondering why Ayur 69 is not safe as a male enhancement supplement. Well, let us explain you to better understand the health dangers of this fake product. But before giving an in-depth information about this so-called male enhancement supplement, we will describe in brief why a host of companies and websites are mushrooming in every corner of the world, which are in the business of selling male enhancement gimmicks. More and more men these days suffer from testosterone deficiency in their body, thanks to the occurrence of our sedentary lifestyle. This imbalance of sex hormone may lead to numerous health problems, including sex-related issues, including infertility, low libido, infrequent erections, low energy level and less muscle strength.

It has been scientifically proven that this manhood hormone is essential for the proper growth and development of the male sex and reproductive organs. Many men with testosterone deficiency look for an easy way out to deal with the problem, and often opt for easy to consume supplements. Worldwide demand for artificial methods to raise testosterone level in the body is at an all time high among men of all ages, and so does the demand for male enhancement products. Apprehending the exponential demand for sex enhancement gimmicks, a large number of companies have emerged, selling their own versions of male enhancement products. Not to mention, most of these companies are scam and many dietary supplements sold online are no different from placebo. Ayur 69 is also one such worthless product out there to fool innocent people.

Ayur 69 - A Big Scam!

Ayur 69 is an organic male enhancement product which its makers claim takes your sexual desire to the highest level and increases your sexual stamina to perform longer and fuller in the bed. The manufacturer says the product includes a secret formula which is developed by Ayurvedic experts after years of research, study and tests. The product, which is available in tablets and oil forms, claims to be approved by the India’s Ministry of Ayurveda – which is not true at all. One preposterous claim made by its makers is that Ayur 69 is a herbal formula that increases erection, stamina and sexual desire in a safe and healthy manner.

According to them, it contains supreme quality herbs and rasayan that work to help you enjoy heightened libido and more intense orgasms. These herbal capsules are 100% natural and do not cause any ill effects on your health, the manufacturer claims. It is well formulated and balanced formula to increase your sexual desire and size of manhood naturally, it claims.

The Alarming Truth About Ayur 69

Don’t be fooled by the Ayur 69 manufacturer’s exaggerated claims and promises as they all are misleading you into buying these fake tablets. Like many scam companies, Ayur 69 makers also seem to use different types of synthetic ingredients and substances in order to make their product effective. Some users of Ayur 69 tablets have complained of strange rashes in and around their private areas, hence it appears the manufacturers have also included some kind of harmful chemicals in its formulation for delivering rapid results. Not only rashes, Ayur 69 actually comes with a pack full of dangerous side effects that can seriously damage your overall health. Some of the reported complications by users of Ayur 69 male enhancer are as follows:

Ayur 69 - The Final Verdict

The takeaway message is that Ayur 69 is clearly a fake product that exaggeratedly claims to increase sex drive and boost libido effectively but, in fat, does not work at all! The product claims to be tested by 4 Indian labs and scientifically proven to increase desire of sex in males. But the manufacturer has no solid proof to support its claims. People who have bought this fake product ended up with nothing but disappointment. A stupendous number of supplements are being sold both online and in local pharmacy in many forms including pills, tablets, powders, oils and creams.

These gimmicks are immensely popular among people who want to get rid of low testosterone and sex-related problems. But take note, Ayur 69 and most other similar kinds of products are simply fake and their makers do not have enough evidence to validate their authenticity. So you need to be extra cautious here. And for this, you need to invest a quality time to know about the product inside out in order to be safe from any ill effects. For complete information on Ayur 69 capsules, visit